Use Case

Dozing nozzles for high-speed production machines

Tembo TDC Dozing Nozzles for High-Speed CPG Production
Produktion 260 parts per machine sale
Prozess SLS + Automatic Cleaning + Surfacing + GOM Scan
Material Ultrasint® PP 1400 Black
  • On-demand production / No stock
  • Short lead time / 6 days
  • 10 design iterations to optimize part
  • Part tolerance achieved +/- 0,mm
  • High material chemical resistance
  • Complex inner geometries
  • Series quality assurance (100% control)

3D Printed, Lightweight Bicycle Computer Mount

3D Printed Bicycle Computer Mount for Canyon
Produktion Over 10,000 parts (2023)
Prozess SLS + Mechanical Surfacing + Vapor Smoothing + Packaging
Material Ultrasint® PA 11 CF
  • High surface finishing quality
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Performance simulation (Forward AM)
  • Lightweight & minimal vibration
  • Design Engineering for production (rpm)
  • Functional integration locking mechanism
  • Process design for series quality
  • Six weeks to first delivery
  • Shipped fully package

3D-Printed Mixing Block for Multi-Material Bioprinter

Viscotec Puredyne Printhead produced by rpm in MPU 100 in Carbon DLS
Produktion 200 parts per year
Prozess DLS + Tempering + Mechanical Surfacing
Material MPU 100
  • Chemically resistant material
  • Certified for medical applications
  • Internal channels for functionality
  • Assembly reduced to single part
  • Lightweight design
  • High dimensional stability
  • Low minimum order quantity

3D Printed Orthopedic Insoles

3D printed insoles combined with hadcrafted upper from 4Point and rpm
Produktion 250 pairs per month
Prozess SLS + Automatic Cleaning + Mechanical Surfacing + Handcrafted Upper from Orthopedic Shoemaker
Material Ultrasint TPU 88A
  • 100+ years experience to inform design
  • 3D printed medical prescription product
  • 6 Base designs in 20 sizes
  • Low stock using biweekly production
  • Series quality assurance processes
  • Final individualization through handwork
  • Direct to consumer sales model

Lattice Sattle and Kneepads For Horex Regina Evo

Horex Saddle for Regina Evo 3D printed in SLS by rpm
Produktion 500 Saddle Special Edition
Prozess SLS + Automatic Cleaning + Chemical Smoothing
Material TPU 75A
  • Showcase for Regina Evo
  • Large series consumer lattice part
  • Set with matching knee pads
  • Lattices structure designed for project
  • Integrated surface texture (leather)
  • Full leather integration in second design
  • Material withstood fabric testing
  • Series quality assurance for build and parts