Assess 3D Printing Pricing Online

Quick an accurate pricing helps bring 3D printing projects to reality faster. rpm has added a tool for 3D printing online pricing to be immediately calculated. We have begun with our full range of SLS materials from standards like PA12 and PA12 GF all the way to flexible materials like TPU in two colours and varied shore hardness.

For new customers, our webshop offers a way to quickly get a price to 3D print parts with a partner that has 25 years experience in producing technical and consumer parts. For repeat customers, all current and orders can be viewed in a single website. To place older orders again, it is as simple as a click.

SLS 3D printing at rpm GmbH
SLS Clips produced in Series

Online Pricing of PA12 for Prototype and Series Production

For our standard Selective Laser Synthesis (SLS) Materials we provide attractive pricing for both prototype and series production. At rpm we have a solid mix of small projects where time is of the essence and long-term series projects. That allows us to optimize pricing for both sides types of production.

A particular specialty of rpm is large parts that require joining or specialty finishing. Daily work at rpm includes everything from depowdering 1000 specialty sensor covers to providing auto-quality painting to a front bumper for a new showcase model. rpm draws on a large post-processing and finishing area to create end-use parts for our customers.

For special wishes, don’t hesitate to contact our technical sales team directly.

Upload your CAD Data to receive top quality SLS parts at competitive prices. All online data is protected to the TISAX information security standard.


As a trusted partner from BASF rpm is proud to work with some of the best powders on the market for end-use parts. We spent several months working directly with BASF to ensure that we can produce large PP parts without warping and PA6 basins that can fill an entire build chamber.  With the difficult parts complete, rpm is ready to produce standard parts in Ultrasint® materials without problem. The best use cases are going directly to end-use applications where the chemical resistance or heat resistance of the materials is key.  With rpm you also have a partner who can scale with the application into higher volumes using PA6 casting (NylonMold) or small scale injection moulding.


rpm rapid product manufacturing GmbH is not only a pioneer in production. For nine years we have been validated to the TISAX information security standard. The standard was developed to serve the automobile industry and protect sensitive data, designs and intellectual property during the development and early production. In most respects, the standard is more stringent than the ISO 27001 standard.

When we calculate 3D printing pricing online, we are compliant with these requirements. This means that our full customer group benefits from a high degree of data security and confidentiality during production.

Placing SLS Parts in Materialise Magics at rpm

Data Formats for Online Pricing

We can accept a variety of file formats for processing as listed below.

Preferred File Types

  • STEP
  • STL (High-Resolution Export)

Accepted File Types

  • IGES
  • DXF
  • VDA-FS
  • PRO/Engineer
  • X_T
  • X_B
  • IPT
  • 3DXML
  • PRT
  • SAT
After a short account setup, you will be ready to price your parts online and begin working with rpm, a true pioneer in SLS additive manufacturing.