Your future by rpm:
Accessible and Forward Thinking

rpm offers vocational training in a variety of areas with an intake quota of over 50% after completion of the three year term. If you think this might be a good fit, explore our company, find out about who you will be working with and what opportunities await you.

…when you are interested in speaking further, send an email to Dr. Klaus Kreutzburg

Don’t forget to include a cover letter and any examples from relevant work or projects which will help convince us why you are a good fit for our team.

Middle-size company,
first class customers

Vocational training in a medium-sized company has many advantages. Variety is the rule and not the exception, as each employee must also think outside the box in his or her work. This gives them a better understanding of production processes and a view of the big picture. Of course, this requires a high degree of flexibility, but it is also rewarded by an interesting and exciting daily work routine that is anything but ordinary. The vocational training at rpm also includes the rotation of the trainees through each department of the company. This way, experience can be gained in the other departments beyond the actual apprenticeship. Interrelationships of one’s own work with the production processes of other departments thus become more transparent and better understood.

Building a bright future with vocational training at rpm

In 1999, the first trainee started her vocational training as an office administrator at rpm and remained with the company after successfully completing her training in 2002.

The next year the first apprentice followed in the production-technical area, he finished his apprenticeship as a model construction mechanic in 2004 and was also taken on.

They were the first of now well over 50 apprentices who have successfully started their careers at rpm.