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Plastic Part Production,
Series Size 1 to 10,000

rpm was founded in 1997 with two Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) industrial 3D printers to provide rapid prototyping for German automotive OEMs and tier supplier ecosystems. Since then, rpm has added 10 additional technologies including Digital Light Synthesis ™, NylonMold™ and injection molding. Our customers can rely on an experienced partner from product development to small series manufacturing.

11 In-House Production Technologies

Having a wide range of technologies allows rpm to recommend the best fit based on the part specifications. Our production and business teams prioritize each project based on material requirements, technical specifications, tolerances, lot size, part complexity, cost and delivery timeline.

rpm - rapid product manufacturing GmbH Technology Portfolio

Additive Manufacturing in Small and Medium Series

Since 2018, rpm has been working with the DLS™ technology and has risen to become a leading producer in Europe. The production speed, material palette, part accuracy and lattice structuring open a new range of business applications. For parts that do not need the specific requirements of DLS, they can be moved directly into SLS technology on our new Farsoon industrial 3D printers.

Plastic Molding and Casting in Prototype and Series

Our plastic molding technologies can move from design and functional prototypes to large format RIM and PA molded parts into high-complexity, short-turn around injection molding projects. rpm was a pioneer in developing NylonMold™ (PA Molding) applications for both silicon and hard tooling applications. With Reaction Injection Molding, we produce functional parts with large surface areas. We have in-house injection molding capacity and can extend our workbench with trusted partners for even more cost-effective production. Inserts, final assembly and stringent quality assurance steps are all completed in-house.

Product Engineering, From Design to Series

Our key account managers guide each project through a technical assessment and technology selection. For parts that benefit from additional optimization, we offer CAD design, mold creation and part re-engineering. Since DLS is a relatively new technology, almost all of our current projects include a consultation and optimization phase using the principles of DfAM (Design for AM) and leveraging our long experience in plastic production and additive manufacturing.

Assembly and Quality Assurance

rpm provides completed assemblies to ensure that we can cover the full production chain for small series, end-use parts and functional, testable prototypes. Quality is embedded throughout our process chain and validated by more than 20 years delivering parts to the German automotive industry. Since 2008, rpm is certified to the DIN ISO 9001 standard for quality assurance in the USA and Europe.

A Stable, Local Production Partner

At rpm, we pride ourselves on being an intersection for modern production technologies, long-term partnerships and precise craftmanship. When the logistics landscape changed as part of the COVID response effort, we saw our value as local, high-quality, fast-turnaround producers increase.

Whether your product needs rapid development, low volume production or high-complexity parts and assemblies, rpm is ready to get to work.

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